Cindy F. Solomon is a well-known product marketing management expert, trainer, and coach who founded the Startup Product Academy, produced and hosted the Global Product Management Talk, built an online product management community with localized Startup Product events, meetups and conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Solomon is a recognized thought leader in the field of software and startup product marketing, online brand development, and professional career mentoring with over 20 years of experience working with companies of all sizes to build and launch successful products, services, effective leadership management, and productive teams.

Startup Product Academy offers a range of courses, programs and customized coaching offerings for individuals, product managers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, career transitioners, and other professionals who want to develop their skills, deal with life phase challenges, take their products from idea to production to profit, and increase satisfaction and productivity across all life phases, both personal and professional.

Solomon is a frequent speaker at conferences and events, where she shares her insights and expertise on best practices and strategies. Cindy F. Solomon brings a wealth of life experience, professional training, and broad perspective to recognizing the essence of the issues, active listening and communication skills, group dynamics, and trauma informed recognition of potential underlying causes of dysfunction. Solomon derives wisdom from overlapping careers in technology, software, web development, product management, small business and startup strategy, with cross domain expertise including nonprofits, spiritual and faith communities, therapeutic methodology, volunteer work with foster children, and hands on DIY projects.

Solomon’s sense of humor, energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, continuous learning, resourcefulness and ability to listen for what is not being said, while probing for the unrecognized inherent answers in addition to the ability to identify and incorporate tools that forward understanding and simplify complexity, are highly sought by clients and colleagues.

Solomon’s career retrospective is as an early adopter, evangelist and implementor of technology from the coining of the term “microcomputers” and the usage of stand alone “word processing” in the Northeast. Upon relocating to Silicon Valley for website development in 1996, joining major software and startup entities (including Apple and Filemaker database software), contribution to white labeling and launching of the first SAAS web authoring program (NetObjects Fusion), strategic input with various mobile applications, Solomon interfaced with engineers, programmers, designers and crossed the wide chasm between marketing and IT. Hosting and production of The Global Product Management Talk inspired a movement for product excellence with conferences, events and community that grew in multiple locations around Silicon Valley, the United States and South America.

A private person, Solomon is proudest of the production and successful launch of 3 adult progeny that continue upward trajectories making a positive difference in the areas of the arts, sciences and education.