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  • Product Therapy

    Product Therapy = Effective Business Practices

    Product Therapy is for entrepreneurs, business owners, product managers and teams delivered by Cindy F. Solomon. It is designed to help overcome common challenges such as decision-making, communication, prioritization, and conflict resolution, and identify healthy processes, best tools and solutions for short and long term success.

  • The Four Main Principles of Contextual Therapy

    Contextual therapy is based on four main principles: 1. People are products of their environment. Contextual therapists believe that people are products of their environment. This means that the way we interact with the world around us shapes who we are and how we view ourselves. Our family, friends, community, […]

  • The Three Main Goals of Contextual Therapy

    Contextual therapists have three main goals: 1. To help people understand the impact of their environment on their lives. Contextual therapists work with their clients to help them understand how their environment affects their lives. This includes looking at both the immediate environment, such as the client’s family and friends […]

  • Why you need a personal manifesto

    Benefits of a Personal Manifesto

    The purpose of a personal manifesto is to provide a clear and consistent set of guiding principles that can help an individual make important decisions, prioritize their time and resources, and live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

  • Certified Mindset Coach

    REBT Mindset Coaching

    REBT Mindset Coaching sessions typically involve a collaborative and supportive relationship between the coach and the client. The coach helps the client to identify and challenge irrational beliefs and negative self-talk, and to replace them with more helpful and realistic thoughts and beliefs. This process can help clients to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals with greater confidence and resilience.