Statistical Advantages Of Working With A Coach

Statistical evidence of life-coaching benefits that identify key values gained from working with a coach:

  • 72% of participants noticeably improved their communication skills after working with a life coach. International Coaching Federation (ICF) study,
  • 80% said coaching was directly responsible for their enhanced sense of self-confidence and worth. (2009 ICF Global Coaching Study)
  • Greater than 70% of coaching clients gained better relationships and work performance. It found that their communication was more productive. ICF Study
  • Life coaching statistics revealed the incredible strides they made in their well-being during and after coaching services. Within three to four months, up to 77% reported progress in their well-being.
  • Five top benefits of coaching: 80% self-confidence, 73% better relationships, 72% communication abilities, 71% interpersonal skills, and 70% productivity at work.
  • For the benefits of business coaching, 67% of clients pointed out an increase in employee engagement, 60% noted employees gauged a better sense of leadership quality, 50% demonstrated better productivity, and 44% showed an increase in the quality of their work.
  • Individual and group coaching have lowered procrastination and helped reach their goals. Frontiers in Psychology review.
  • Data revealed reduction of the adverse effects that extreme and lingering stress, poor stress resistance, and general life dissatisfaction. Journal of Medical Internet Research study of 391 people receiving one-on-one coaching
  • Life coaching strategies that emphasize self-motivation and autonomy can improve wellness outcomes. BMC Health Services Research